What was it about wheel-throwing? Of course, this was something I had to investigate and I gave myself a framework to keep within. I gave my self the task to make throwing the key component in my artistic practice.The series of works I now present is a stop on the way during this ongoing exploration

The themes I explore alongside the exploration of the artistic potential of throwing is of a philosophical nature. It can be said to be about the self-perception of modern man.  It is about how human curiosity in the modern world is expressed. How humanity systematizes, collects and dissects and classifies and makes available with the ultimate goal of mastering the world for their own purposes.

As for the throwing my primary purpose is not to master the world. It is more about what can be done within the framework I have given myself? What special opportunities does throwing offer? In Taxonomy, gravity is clearly visibly. My way of working allows me to expose my objects to gravity in their plastic, newly thrown state. I simply hang them up when they are still soft. The objects can then continue to hang during the glaze firing, which means that the glazes enhance the gravitational expression as well.

In this series, I have chosen to work in a limited color scale in black and white.

The objects are made of stoneware. They are expressive and inspired by nature. I am seeking for the point where disgust meets with temptation where you both are repelled and attracted.


My way into pottery was through apprenticeship at a pottery. This means that wheel-throwing has been central to both my understanding of the ceramic field in general and my own understanding of myself as a ceramicist. But for a long period I stopped using wheel-throwing in my practice because I thought it was difficult to implement the technique based on my artistic ambitions. I had moved away from the ceramic tradition where throwing is the center. But even though I did not see any artistic potential in the technique, I kept throwing. But I did it “secretly” and did not show anything in public.

As a doctoral student in the field of artistic research, I became interested in my own relationship to wheel-throwing. Why did I not see any artistic opportunity in the craft I mastered the best and which I devoted the most effort to learning? And why did I still continue to throw “secretly” despite this attitude?

The answer to the first question is about my artistic self-understanding. I saw wheel-throwing primarily as a way of manufacturing potts without any artistic potential outside that context. The answer to the second question is that the craft practice itself is meaningful. Among other things, it is a place for meditative reflection and it also seems to be able to alleviate my general anxiety.




Exposed Work

Mårten Medbo

Född i Järfälla 1964




2010-16Filosofie doktor i konsthantverk, Göteborgs Universitet

1992-93Konstfack, specialelev på inredning

1988    Pilchuck Glass School, USA

1986-92 Konstfack, Glas och keramik


1982-84S:t Görans gymnasium,

Hantverksutbildning: krukmakare


Currently Mårten Medbo holds the position as Senior Lecturer in ceramics at University Collage of Art and Design (Konstfack) in Stockholm


Solo shows in selection


2022”Taxonomi” Berg Gallery, Stockholm

2021”Re:visted” (Morfologi) Avesta Art; Sweden

2019”Stulen eld”, Eblinge Museet, Torshälla; Sweden

2018”Morphology” Galerie NeC, Paris

”Oddball” Galleri Christian Larsen, Stockholm

2017”Thinking Through Clay” Katrineholms konsthall, Sweden

2016”Market” Galleri Chrisitian Larsen, Stockholm

”Slutkommentar” Galleri Thomassen, Göteborg

2015”Mårten Medbo” Galleri Christian Larsen, Stockholm

2013 ”Homo Capax” Si i Paris & Galerie NeC, Paris

2012”Han med aporna” Gotlands Konstmuseum, Sweden

2011”Schoolyard Monkeys” Galerie NeC Paris

”Oväntat” Skövde Konsthall, Sweden

2010”Scoolyard Monkeys” Galleri Inger Molin


2009”céramiques & verres” Galerie NeC, Paris

”Creatures” Nääs Konsthantverk, Floda, Sweden

2008 ”Oh I did’t know” John Michael Kohler Art Center, U.S.A

”Glas”Nivå 125, Båstad, Sweden


Group shows in selection


2021”Mera lera” Sörmlands museum

”CARTE BLANCHE À LA GALERIE NEC” Swedish Institut, Paris

2020”Exposé” Linköpings kommun, Sweden

2019”Klara Kristalova, Mårten Medbo, Per B Sundberg”,Steneby konsthall, Dals Långed, Sweden

2016 ”I call it the universal circle” Rymd konstrum, Stockholm

2015”Zwinger und ich” Bommuldsfabriken, Norway

”Soul of a bowl” Vogoeze Gallery, Seoul

2014”Fire” Venus over Manhattan, New York

”European ceramic context”,Bornholm, Denmark

2012”All Star Festival” Galleri Inger Molin, Stockholm

”Making Knowledge” Gustavsbergs Konsthall, Sweden

2011”Swedish Contemporary Craft Art” Korean Fondation Cultural Center Gallery, Seoul

”Tendenser” Galleri F15, Moss, Noway

”Signerat” Arkitekturmuseum, Stockholm

2010”Black,Blanc,Rouge” ” Galerie NeC, Paris

2009”Formfröjd-samtal med historien” Kulturen Lund, Sweden

2008Pavillon des Arts et du Design, Paris

”Red Bear, Green Goat” Gustavsbergs Konsthall, Sweden

”Mixex Emotions” Landskrona Konsthall, Sweden

”Taide 2008”Galeria Norsu,Helsingfors


Public commissions in selection


2021”Bronsbubblor”,”Lermoln,”Ångpuffar” Pepparrotsbadet, Enköping, Sweden

2019”Frösamling” Göteborgs stad

2011Rättspsykiatriska kliniken, Huddinge, Sweden*

2010”Upptåg” Norrlands universitetssjukhus, Umeå, Sweden*

2008 ”I en egen värld” Danderyds sjukhus, Sweden*

2007”Silverraster” (Statens Konstråd) Salaberga- anstalten, Sala, Sweden*

”Så ett frö” Länna skolan, Slite, Sweden*

2005”Snigeln väg” för Statens Konstråd, Mittuniversitetet Sundsvall, Sweden

2001      ”Betongraster”, Väggrelief på Säveskolan,

Visby , Sweden

1998        Fontän, Klinteskolans bibliotek, Sweden




Nationalmuseum, Röhsska Museet,Museum Anna Norlander, John Michael Kohler Art Center, Kulturen i Lund, Smålands Museum, Eskilstuna Konstmuseum, Gotlands Konstmuseum ,The Islandic Museum of Design and Applied art, Höganäs keramiska museum, Statens Konstråd, Stockholms Konstråd, Västra Götalands läns och Västernorrlands läns landsting, Dalarnas Landsting, Göteborgs-, Umeås-, Järfällas-, Borlänges-, Katrineholms och Gotlands kommun





2021Höganäs keramik stipendium

2017Göteborgs slöjdförening

Sveriges bildkonstnärsfond 2-årigtarbetsstipendium

Estrid Ericssons stiftelse

2014Herta Bengtsson

2011Göteborgs slöjdförening

2009Sveriges Bildkonstnärsfond, 5 årigt


2008Artist in recidence på JMKAC i Sheboygan i USA

Estrid Ericssons stiftelse

Längmanska kulturfonden