My artistic practice is based on a black clay originating from Spain. Intrigued by its richness in oxides and minerals- distorting every attempt at glazing thus creating a profound foundation built on chance inspiring me to pursue further.

Coming from a background of traditional painting, ceramics appeared as an opportunity to explore an area where I had very few or no preconceptions or role models within the field. I could start from scratch, finding an expression and narrative through tedious work and time-consuming techniques- eventually finding a rhythm when submitting to the nature of the clay and letting traditional methods of crafting become part of the expression.

Starting out with organic shapes covered with layers of structures in manly black or white, balancing between method and expression as well as chans and control- where the last object made, inspires the next.


I’m constantly returning to nature- observing natures persistent adjustments to reclaim its positions after human interference and doing so without vanity or intentional aesthetic values.

My work is strongly affected by the sense of urgency in a world built on fragile political systems lead by erratic and volatile leaders and how that reflects in popular culture as a preparation for the big apocalypse.


My recent work consist of layers upon layers of glazes fired several times in different temperatures adding an extra dimension of painting to the objects. The work is more depicting as I move further away from the abstract and decorative- reconnecting to a long tradition of animals and entities in history of art and craft.


Carl Richard Söderström is represented at Musee de Sevres in Paris, The Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg and the Swedish National Museum of Art in Stockholm.


Exposed Work





Studies at Konstfack, University for Art, Craft

and Design Stockholm, Sweden:

Craft Lab, 30 p              2017-18

Going public, 30p                                   2015-16      Artistic research, 15p             2015

Interior design              1996-97

Ceramic & Glass, master            1992-96


Pre academic studies:


Orrefors glasschool           1991-92

Pernbys school of fine Art, Sth           1987-89

Nyckelviksskolan, art and craft, Sth  1985-86


Solo exhibitions:


Berg Gallery, Stockholm           2018

Gallery GKF, Visby           2016

Gallery Anna H, Göteborg           2014

Gallery Nivå125, Båstad           2013

Galleri Blås o Knåda, Stockhol            2013

Gallerie NeC, Paris           2012

Konsthantverkarna, Stockholm          2011

Gallery Anna H, Göteborg           2010

Gallery Hantverket, Stockholm           2010

Gallery Glas Ett, Stockholm           1998


Group exhibitions:


Gustavsbergs Konsthall           2019

CHART, Copenhagen           2019

Gallery INDEX, Stockholm           2018

Collect at Saatchi Gallery           2017

Gallery Nivå125, Båstad           2014

Flow Gallery, London           2013

Sigtuna Museum           2013

Ceramic Center, Höganäs           2013

The Korea Foundation Cultural Center  2011

Form Design Center, Malmö           2011

The Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg.   2011

The Museum of Arcitecture, Shlm..     2011

Collect, Saatchi Gallery, London           2011

Slöjdsalongen, Stockholm            2010

Gallery Nivå125, Båstad            2010

Collect, Saatchi Gallery, London           2010

Gallery Konsthantverkarna            2010

Gallery Hantverket, Stockholm            2009

Gallery Blås o Knåda, Stockholm.        2009

Gallery Hantverket, Stockholm            2008

Swedish Form, Stockholm            2001

Gallery Agata, Stockholm            1999

Orrefors Museum of Glass            1997

Gallery Glas Ett, Stockholm            1996

Gallery Glas Ett, Stockholm            1995

Frövi utställningshall            1995

Stockholm community center            1993

Stockholm Museum of Modern Art    1990

Gallery De Unga, Stockholm            1989










Statens Konstråd, Stockholm.            2018

Musee National de Ceramique de Sevres2012

Röhsska museet, Göteborg                  2010

Statens Konstråd, Göteborg                  2010


Public art commission:


Central station, Värnamo                     2018

The Rubber Factory, Värnamo 2019

Uppsala AkademicHospital                     1998

The City Hall, Västerås                     1997


Grants & Honours:

IASPIS, international cultural exchange           2018

IASPIS, international cultural exchange           2016

IASPIS, international cultural exchange           2016

The Arts & Crafts Design Award.                     2014

IASPIS, international cultural exchange.          2012

Swedish Art Grants Committee, 2 year grant2013

Estrid Eriksson stipendiefond                      2011

IASPIS, international exchange2010

Swedish Art Grants Committee, 2year grant.   2003

Swedish Art Grants Committee, 1year grant.   2002

Utvalt, Svensk Form                       2000

Estrid Eriksson1996

Orrefors Grant                      1995

Axelsson- Johnsson                      1996

Ida Unnman                      1994

Svensk Form                      1993



Design comissions:


DesignHouse Stockholm                      2007

Gant Home                      2007

Mio                      2006

ASKUL, Japan                      2005

Duka                      2004

Crate & Barell, USA                      2002

Designhouse, Stockholm                      2001